Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Google Yourself Meme

Thanks to Pearlbear for this one.

There's apparently a new meme making the rounds. Google "[your name] needs" and list the first ten things that pop up.

Fausto needs...

1. to remind Sete that black bit = good, green bit = bad.
2. more assistance to get this going.
3. to write a journal.
4. our help to ensure that quality, Catholic education will continue for our children and future generations.
5. to win the tenth stage of this 1952 Tour to put himself back on track.
6. the datasets by the end of this year as his subcontractor is funded only until February.
7. to upbloat it NOW! NOW!
8. to escape from reality but not with LSD.
9. to learn to love himself again, as admittedly corny as that sounds.
10. to be pushed in the area of critical thinking.

In contrast, when Fausto uses his real name, he finds that he needs...

1. Help from Maryland Players.
2. Mozilla.
3. Nude Models.
4. to get out more.
5. to backoff and grow his eyebrows in a bit.
6. a place to stay at a moderate price.
7. access to all seven sites.
8. no introduction.
9. whatever his issues, to get over them.
10. the practice.


At November 15, 2005 at 11:05:00 PM EST, Blogger PeaceBang said...

I don't think I get this. When I did my own name, all quotes from my ministry popped up. Not entertaining at all, I'm afraid. Under "PeaceBang needs," the funniest bit was this,

"(At this point I should mentioned Hubby, Peacebang and I spent a too-brief night
at the ... Is this the ONLY reason one needs Jesus of Nazareth to be God?"

A reference to The Boy In the Bands blog, but I do confess to loving any phrase that begins, "Hubby, PeaceBang and I spent a too-brief night...")

At November 16, 2005 at 8:37:00 PM EST, Blogger fausto said...

Well, that just goes to show the benefit of picking a pseudonym that someone, somewhere, actually uses as their own real name.

Try Googling "[your real name] needs", using only your first name, not your full name.

When I tried it that way, Google said that [PB's real first name] needs...

1. to learn about "she bang" magic.
2. to pay the rent, and without community approval she might as well go home to the cult.
3. boys pants.
4. to realize that dogs are not little people in furry costumes.
5. a Vixen Grand Polaris with electronic slewing. Nothing less.
6. all the help she can get and your prayers can assist in that regard.
7. to Go.
8. more yarn like she needs a hole in the head.
9. me in Tuscaloosa.
10. to explain her motivations, front and center, rather than hide behind an attorney saying shut up until the court action is complete.


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