Wednesday, February 01, 2006

UU Blog Awards

Please vote for your favorite UU blogger in each of numerous categories at the 2005 UU Blog Awards site set up by the UUpdater.

The competition is particularly keen because there are so many thoughtful, insightful folks who have joined the UU blogosphere in the last year or two. (Well, we're UUs, so I guess it's not a surprise that so many would fit that description, eh what?) As a newcomer last year myself, I'm flattered to be nominated in two categories: Best Anecdote or Narrative -- Single entry, for my essay Stem Cells: This Time It's Personal, as well as Best Religious Writing or Theological Commentary - Best of class.

For reference, if you're wondering where to look, here are some of my favorite posts that might fit in the latter category:

Nature Reverence and Christianity
Babble, Bible and Babel
“Like a Thief in the Night”
Is the Bible antithetical to “prophecy”?
Egy Az Isten
Pentecost, for UUs
On Crying Wolf
Reinterpreting John 14:6
What a Great UU Church Could Be
Advent Myth and Real Life

If you haven't read much of my work, I'd appreciate it if you would consider clicking on a few of these. And with so many talented writers to choose from, please vote for somebody!


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