Saturday, November 17, 2007

March on Down the Field

Tune in at noon (Channel 56 in the Boston media market) today, when the historic antagonists in the oldest Congregational theological rivalry reconvene for their annual figurative hashing out of differences, otherwise knows as the “Oldest College Football Rivalry,” or more simply, “The Game”. This year, the fey Romantics of Cambridge hit the road to test their mettle against the iron Calvinists of New Haven in the Yale Bowl.

It promises to be a tough contest. Both teams have exceptionally strong defensive squads, and for the first season since the 29-29 tie of 1968 (when Yale was captained by Brian Dowling, the real-life “B.D.” of later Doonesbury fame), both are undefeated in Ivy League play. The winner today will become the sole Ivy League champion (in many years the title is shared).

Despite the teams’ seeming equality, predestinarians and other advocates of the theology of visible sainthood will note that Yale is undefeated in all games this season, while Harvard has fallen to Holy Cross and Lehigh outside the League.

[Update 3:24 PM: Predestination is overrated. But you knew that already.]


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