Monday, January 15, 2007

Favorite Posts of 2006

Following Philocrites’ example, here’s a list of my own favorites from my blog posts and threads for 2006. Most originated here; a few popped up elsewhere or migrated around the blogosphere as the discussion shifted venues.

Defending "Wow, Things Are Growing Again Day" (April 17. An argument for the validity and authenticity of eclectic Easter obsesrvances.)

More Famous UUs (May 27. Who of the ancients would have been UU if they could.)

Dancing at Whitsun (June 2. Poetry, paganism and war.)

More on Peter Abelard, Famous UU (June 11. An intriguing if overlooked source of what would eventually become a cornerstone of UU theology.)

Fausto’s newest buddy (June 26. Cuteness overload.)

In or Out? (June 29. Struggling with Christianity.)

The Way, the Truth and the Life (June 30. More struggling with Christianity. My personal favorite of the year, perhaps because so much work went into it.)

In which fausto gnaws on a bone (July 11. A serious postscript to a serious Scripture discussion that was prematurely ended.)

What gets you through the hard night? (September 2)

Bush reminds Americans U.S. is at war (September 5. Mr. President, put up or shut up. But mostly, shut up.)

You may not always be infallible, but when you're right you're right (September 18. When the Pope speaks out for reason in religion, UUs should put aside their instinctive Christian aversions long enough to have his back.)

The UU gospel according to Fausto. (October 1. At Philocrites took a post I had written on one of his threads and turned it into a thread of its own, which then spilled over into yet another thread at Making Chutney.)

A serendipitous moment (November 16. The glory that was Plymouth.)

That Glorious Song of Old (Part of a wandering discussion on problems of Biblical translation and meaning, first begun on the ChaliceBlog, continued here on December 4, and then continued over there again.)


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