Thursday, June 30, 2005

It's not just for UUs any more.

Polyamory, that is.

No, I wasn't surfing the wrong part of the interdependent web. I was merely looking for liberal theology pages, clicked on a link to "liberated Christians", and this is what came up. Honest.

Did I mention that my muse seems to have been taking some time off lately? Did I need to?

Dearth of Inspiration

Fausto's muse has been uncharacteristically quiet lately, and Fausto's real life has been uncharacteristically hectic and busy. Fausto regrets both developments, but is nevertheless enjoying the characteristic unpredictability of early summer, and remains faithful that when life returns to the mundane the muse will return also.

Until that happens, watch for Fausto sitting in the back pews of other blogs, occasionally blurting out sequiturs or non sequiturs in response to somebody else's muse.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Interfaith Prayer

Thanks to fellow Beliefnetter "Lairds' Chapel", who maintains a cool online worship website for interfaith religious liberals with an underlying Kirk of Scotland theme here, for sharing this link to a nice collection of interfaith prayers.

It's offered by, of all the unlikely sources, the Royal Military College of Canada.