Thursday, January 27, 2005

My Dinner with Philocrites

This afternoon I emerged from the ethereal blogosphere long enough to meet Philocrites, whom I had not met before, for lunch in the tangible world.

We visited a deli not far from 25 Beacon and dined on sandwiches piled high with what was billed as "Rumanian pastrami". We speculated on the possibility that "Rumanian" might be a euphemism for pastrami that was in fact Transylvanian, lovingly prepared by lifelong Unitarians in remote rural villages according to cherished family recipes handed down through countless generations. (Hey, you affirm the unity of God, and you prepare and eat real fresh-carved pastrami. In delicatessens. That's how it is. It's a tradition that predates our humble denomination, and one we should be glad to uphold.) We determined that billing foodstuffs, especially meats, as "Transylvanian" would be a poor marketing strategy, but our characteristically Unitarian quest for truth through critical inquiry led no further down that particular path today.

What I did learn is that Philocrites is not only an inspired blogger, but also a sharp conversationalist, a real nice guy, as well as an old pal of my own church's minister from their seminary days and even before.


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