Sunday, February 16, 2014

So the UUA has a new logo?

Again?  Yawn.  So what else is new?

Although a few thoughts do occur to me: 

(1) It's only a logo. For letterhead and brochures and such. It doesn't mean anything. 

(2) It's not an object of veneration or worship.

(3) It doesn't say anything specific about us.

(4) Comments 1-3 apply equally to the flaming chalice, by the way. 

(5) Given our preference for novelty over stability, it probably won't last any longer than the previous one anyway. (Which was what? 8 or 9 years?)

(6) So it's just not worth all the energy and drama being devoted to it. 

(7) But if it does gain acceptance, and thus encourage de-emphasis of the similarly banal and meaningless flaming chalice as a symbol of our identity and object of our adoration, that would be a very good thing.